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Hello all

im new to the body building forum but have been training for a while,

just got back in to it after 7 months out starting a business,god you go backwards so quick but after a couple of weeks back the buzz is great,

Im 26 6.3 and 13.6 stone (was 12.4)

though i believe most of the weight is due to my height

Im the typical hardgainer,years of football 5 days a week and running mixed with a very fast metabolism means ive had to compleletly change my attitude to gain muscle,

getting there slowly and enjoying feeling stronger though it does sometimes feel when i train my veins are getting bigger but my biceps aint:)

probably built more for cross country or long jump but love the buzz of weight lifting.

All i can say to anybody else like me is try not to compare yourself with your shorter bulkier lifting partner (mine lifts his gym bag ang puts on 6kg muscle)just track your own gains and youll get there eventually

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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