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hi all,

just to say hello to all as the years roll on and on, i thought one day (2 days ago) what a mess i was letting my body get into 47 years to late as you can see in my profile picture.

lucky (or not) i have always done manual labour work which kept me healthy but put my body shape in a mess, so i intend to get this sorted out, so the laugth:lol: is on me.

i have only joined this site afew days back and have read quite afew inspiring posts and hope one day to be as good as many on here, and also follow others progression.

i just need to buy more weights & benches and sort out my diet and plans of the way to get into shape, i intend to get bigger all round, (no steroids thow) i'm old enougth to know better, i think.

a couple of hours reading around on here should put me in the right direction.

any bb's in the dorking surrey area know of any old man's clubs around.

cheers all
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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