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Ok, been bulking for a few months but been looking for a diet that allows a little variation as the carbs make me feel heavy and soft. I read this -

And decided to give it a try. Feel free to add and help, everything helps.

So here it is.

Cal intake required for bulking - 3000 - 3500.

Running cycle of carbs on a daily basis with no change so ..

Hi - Mon

Lo - Tue

No - Wed

Hi - Thurs

Lo - Fri

No - Sat

Hi - Sun

Lo - Mon

No - Tue etc etc etc

2 Reasons for this.

1) i prefer the daily change

2) i cant change my trainging day to suit my eating requirements without it affecting my training partner and that wouldnt be fair to him. And i cant honestly be bothered. Some days will be harder than others, but thats life.

KK, the diet.

No Carb Days -

7am - 2scoops Whey, 40g Peanut Butter - 495 Cals - (22F/12C/54P)

9am - 4 eggs (Poached omlette) - 285 (19F/6C/25P)

10am - Workout

11.30am - 2Whey/BCAAs/Glut/Creatine - 240 Cals (2F/6C/44P)

1pm - 250g Chicken, Broccoli, Carrot,Peas 400 Cals - (17.6F/0C/60P)

3pm - Same as 1pm - 400 Cals - (17.6F/0C/60P)

6pm - 50g Almonds and Fruit - 290 Cals (25F/10C/10P)

8pm - Same as 1pm - 400 Cals - (17.6F/0C/60P)

10pm - 2Whey - 240 Cals - (2F/6C/44P)

Daily Intake = Cals - 2644 , 124F , 36C , 358P


Low Carb = 150g Carbs Daily Requirement.

7am Shake - Add 100g Oats - 60g C - 240Cals

11.30am Shake - Add 50g Dextrose - 50gC - 200 Cals

Daily Intake = Cals - 3084 , 124F , 146C , 358P

Hi Carb = 300g Carbs Daily Requirement

9am - 1 slice Wholemeal Bread - 18gC - 80Cals

1pm - 50g Brown Rice - 40gC - 160 Cals.

3pm - 50g Rice - 40gC-160 Cals

6pm - 2 slice Toast - 36gC - 160Cals

Daily Intake = Cals - 3644 , 124F , 280C , 358P

Fuit will be grazed on daily, and green veg will be with all meals after 12 midday.

Spread over the 3 days, this would mean average cal intake would be - 3124Cals.

There it is, would love some feedback, im not great with formulating diets. Have tried to make it easy to follow.

Am yet to change my diet so would love some input before i do. I have tried to keep the cal intake within the neccesary growth range.



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one have specified your carb amounts(although i think it is a mistake to do very low carb days) but then you say you graze on fruit daily?? you do know you count these carbs don't you??

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Yeh i know mate, i'll calc and put it in daily for a few weeks just to track the trend. I dont eat a lot of fruit, normall max 1 a day (most often a banana or apple).

This will (if i eat it) most likely be at the 6pm time slot. I use the term graze very loosely lol. But yeh, anything eaten will be tracked. I've got a feeling even my low carb days will finish at around 50g Carb each day and im still unsure as to whether to include my 50g Dextrose post work out on No_carb days.

I know some (namely Diver) believe carb can be completed removed but until i've tried it i wouldnt want to comment. However this seems like a reasonable way to sit on the fence and see how the body responds. Why do you believe low carb days are a mistake? You posted the original article ;)

NB - i often find those rice meals heavy to contend with , was eating them on a daily basis. So the fruit will likely come in on mostly on the high carb days to allow room for the rice meals to be cut back on. This is still a work in progress. Not planning the diet change until next week.

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the original article was posted some time ago and with everything opinions change, after working with many guys and girls i find that in most cases(but not all) zero carb days are not needed......but you are not having any no carb days as your no carb day is still 36g so definatly not zero.....

the article is a good starting point to consider carb cycling but i feel many jump in with both feet and go to low then give up because it is to much of a change from the norm......

setting your low at 100g medium at 200g and then high at 400g is a good place to start then reduce the days as needed.....but everyone is different so trial and error is needed....

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Definately agree with you on the trial and error side of things.

No, i dont want a no carb day as a) i honestly dont think i would respond well to it and B) my whey shake provides 5g of carb with every scoop so instantly 30g Carb a day.

My diet has no requirement to be rigid so moving to a 400g/200g/100g is definately an option. Can only run with how it is and log to see what variance there is and how the body responds to it. The numbers i've logged i would expect to be at their daily lowest as im used to eating more than that. But wanted a set level from which to build from. Just wanting confirmation im moving in the right (ish) direction.

Thanks for the response Pscarb.
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