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hi just want to check how this sounds for a split/routines



bench press

chest press (hammer strength machine)

fly machine


rope cable extensions

rope cable extensions overhead

weighted dips


Hammer strength press



barbell rows


lateral rows

back machine


preacher curls machine

cable weighted curls

pull ups




leg press

weighted calf steps

leg curls


floor crunshes

leg raises

weighted crunches

I know there isnt much free weight/dumbells in there but my gym is pritty ****ty and only has a couple which are normally scattered so you spend half your time looking for them so its just a pain.

Also my shoulders i only do one exercise will this be ok, iv been told to be careful not to overtrain shoulders as they are used in most exercises.

any advice would be appreciated :beer:

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Agree with Rosko, 3 days isn't an awful lot mate. Not sure what your goals are but i'd do a 4 way split. chest+tris, back+bi's, legs, shoulders.....and unless your dieting or cutting lose the abs. unless you nail your diet and do some c.v your not going to spot where you lose fat my opinion anyway.

you've got the basic exercises in your prgramme which is good just beef up on the shoulders at least!!!

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Looks kinda ok. With only being able to train each bodypart once a week, the routine you suggest is probably the simplist way to split things.

Triceps before shoulders I'd only do if triceps were a priority over delts for development... generally think that a good way to work out exercise or bodypart sequence is in order of priority with the stuff that needs most work done first, then decreasing volume slightly for the later lower priority bodyparts.
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