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I have been on and off of diets like there's no tomorrow... but for once in my life I have put cravings and crap to the side.

I have started bodybuilding again since Sept 2008, 2 weeks ago, almost 3 now. I started by talking to friends who are frequent bodybuilders with hardly any body fat %. Spoke to my friend who is also a nutritionist and a few personal trainers at the gym. - I tend to work alone at the moment, I want my spotting partner back from 2years ago :beer:

Basically my diet was reading into Calories too much, I now count each carb I possibly can, I fount that Nandos Hot Sauce *Marinade* is perfect for giving your bland white chicken breasts some flavour - with minimal carb intake.

Anyway, enough of that. This is what I was doing for the first week of my 17 days so far *diet*.

First week, daily amount of food:

Oats for breakfast with Omega 3,6,9 poored ontop, used semi-skimmed *bad*, and all multi-vitamins, glucose tabs and cod liver oil. + 1 heaped spoon of Protein+Carbs (bad idea).

between 4-6 meals daily for my first week, and I was on my creatine bombs - *loading them first week*.

My meals during the day consisted of, Fish (smoked makerel mainly). Sweet potato mashed with garlic and rosemary, Chicken breasts - chicken seasonings from Schwartz and either spinach or brocolli.


The last 8/9days have been much better, I got my bodyfat checked last week and it was 21% - all on my gut and back.

And I got my self some T5s, I wont go into detail but people know what they are if they've tried speeding up a diet.

My Daily Diet now = LOW Carb, LOW Carb, LOW Carb, LOW Carb, NO Carb, HIGH Carb, LOW Carb. - *not always in this order, trying to trick the body*.

9am wakeup : Multi Vitamins, Glucosamine and Cod Liver Tablets, + 1 T5.

2 Scoops of MP True Whey = 38g Protein with minimal carbs, and 1 Scoop of Egg white (24g Protein) - WITH WATER. On High Carb Days "I'd have fine choc oats from myprotein" - added to this.

11ish Mid-morning : Tin of tuna with spoon of light mayo (28/30g Protein) + Optional fruit on Low carb and High Carb days + Handful of lettuce.

1pmish Lunch: 2 Scoops of MP True Whey = 38g Protein with minimal carbs, and 1 Scoop of Egg white (24g Protein) - WITH WATER.

4pmish Afternoon snack: 1 1/2 Chicken breasts + brocolli or spinach/salad = 39gish depending on size of breast, of protein. Minimal carbs.

On High Carb Days "I'd have sweet potato and maybe dark/red meats with good quality protein".

7pmish dinner: 2x Chicken breasts, handful of brocolli or salad and maybe a little ketchup. (OR substitute 2x Chicken breasts with 2x Tuna tins with some mayo)

9.30/10.30 latest: 2 Scoops of MP True Whey = 38g Protein with minimal carbs, and 1 Scoop of Egg white (24g Protein) - WITH WATER.

On High Carb Days "Advised to have 1 slice of Granary bread with good honey on it, supposed to help speed up metabolism during sleep"

DAILY PROTEIN INTAKE = 250g - 320g with carb max of 50g (although I am sure I am quite below this, I feel dead when maxing out reps).

NOT ALLOWED DAIRY AT THE MOMENT - *Or Should I add some???*.


That is my daily amount, before the dieting I was 12stone 4lb, this was over a month ago though, and with my gym clothing on (joggers, pumps, tshirt and vest etc..) I weighed 11stone 11lb. - take a couple more off and in 2 weeks I'd of lost 7 or 8lbs with this dietting.

MY STATS: 5'6.3/4" (or as I say 5'7") AGE: 21, Body Fat: 21% (06/08/10)

Current Weight: 11stone 11lb - with some clothes on at the gym (11/08/10).

Could anyone please let me know if my new version of the diet is good? and my daily amount of protein is between 250g to 320g of Protein.

Thanks guys. I keep reading up on new stuff, but love to learn on my mistakes. - I've had cravings, like indian/chinese and chocolate... yet turned away from them with ease. Even turned down red bull at work (I work at a Cocktail Bar). *I don't test/try the drinks before serving anymore*.

JUST TO ADD - I try and get as much water intake as possible, between 3 and 6litres a day on average, during work I went through 11pints of water in under 6hours.

Slightly Fat Rugby Player
36 Posts
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Update: I don't believe this personal trainer at my gym, basically I spoke about the Max MP True Whey protein I purchased (choc mint) from myprotein... and he was saying for the two scoops in the morning (38g of True Whey). My body absorbs just 10% of that protein... I hardly went into detail about my protein I am on, however it's been recommended by many friends/body builders and some are like "WTF??".

He then turns around and points to PHD stuff he sells in the shop and says that "90% of the protein" in those tubs would be absorbed?

Seriously... is he right or wrong haha... it's bugging me now. - I am sure the 5***** ratings that the stuff I get can't be wrong and all the positive feedback. Even I've left some (Tastes just like After Eight mints).

And my tub looks almost the same as PHD stuff but diff name ;)

He needed a calculator to calculate 38g to 3.8? seriously? lol.
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