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Right this isn't another thread about what music you listen to at the gym anything like... I am just bored of the music i am listening to right now. Anyone got any good bands old new mainstream non mainstream? Just looking for some good new songs to listen to....

I like bands like


Hed pe


Rage against the machine

Stuff like that I recommend hed pe if you like disturbed and Rage...they so good well if u like Rap metal :D

Ben n' Jerry's connoisseur
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Any old trivium .... ie Ember to Inferno, pillars of serpents.

Killswitch engage - ANY SONG!

Chimaira - Nice n heavy, lots of speed to it.

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LordDecider said:
Drum & Bass


Good quality 4totheFloor House music
haha I was going to say drum n bass and dance/trance/hard house...BUT then I read the bit about it being only metal/rap metal hehehe and to be honest I think dubstep would be too slow for working out too.

I do like a bit of rap metal myself too, but then im into all sorts.

Closest I could advise would be Linkin Park, album: ReAnimation, I like alot!

It does really help if you have some decent tunes on though. Isn't compulsory, but does motivate me more.


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Drum and Bass

That is all

actually that's not all, the new(ish) D&B Arena podcast by profile is so jump up it makes me throw weights around like there's no tomorrow.

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This is one of my favs atm;

Elektra - Super8 & Tab (Bart Claessen remix)

Ben Nicky - Turn On (Joey V remix) (Ben Nickys actually a member here btw and big on the trance scene at a set with Eddie Halliwell at Bristols Syndicate on the 29th Nov....if ya want tickets give me a shout..

Even for those that don't know trance will know this track!

Tiesto - Adiago For Strings

*Just remember, all trance has a minute of music leading upto the main song that isn't so catchy so forward to about 2mins in

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Ha ha I'm going through a bit of a Hed (PE) thing going on at the moment! Good gym music though the angry faces I pull during 'Raise Hell' probably worry some of the others.... :D

Went back on a Senser thing too, but if you like angry stuff, I listen to Combichrist - yes it's bleepy cyber goth type stuff but it's nice and angry with such class tunes as 'Give Head if You Got It' and 'Enjoy the Abuse' :lol:

A friend of mine rates Dope (the band....)

Clawfinger have some interesting tunes and have gone a bit Industrial of late.
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