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I find that most chicken breast fillets from the supermarkets are minging and contain lots of fat and horrible red bits. :eek:

Ive looked at the free range but seems very expensive to buy when you are eating several breast per day. I have found that Asda do large Turkey breast fillets and dont seem to have much fat or horrible bits in it, which I often eat as alternatives. In the past I have bought frozen chicken breasts, when bulking for convenience. However I find the same problem as with the non frozen breasts.

I was therefore thinking about looking online to see if there is any websites that deliver chicken that is of better quality than the supermarkets.

Q1. Anyone do this and know any good websites to get them from?

Q2. And does anyone have any alternative suggestions such as Ostrich?

This may seem like abit of a stupid question, but I am sick of the poor quality chicken that seems to be stocked in the supermarkets these days.
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