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Nutrition Milk Drink

I get my for 12 a case, consisting of 12 cans.

a wide range of flavours, full of vits and 21grams of protein.

Not bad for chucking in with your bait box, no mixing, no milk or water required, just a quick instant hit of protein, which i use at 2pm, after lunch snack..

anybody tried these?

the banana flavour is yummy!:high5:

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Got a can infront of me here for you lads:

Banana flav.

Typically provides:

Energy - 1804/428

Protein - 21.0

Carbs- 60

- of which sugars - 60

Fat - 12.6

- of which saturates - 7.1

Fibre - nil

sodium - 0.3

Vit A, Vit D, Vit C, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Folacin, Vitamin B12, Calcium, Iron

-Rich in calcium

-Rich in vitamins

-Source of protein

-Suitable for Veggy's

-Made with fresh milf

Downside the sugar content...

i take these at 2pm everyday

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well i have 11 cans to use up, so whats they are done and gone, should i take 1 scoop (28g) of my met rx whey which gives me 18g protein to work and add water?

i use milk with mine at breakfast, and night, obv when am at home, but i suppose i could take a little bottle of water to work.

would this be much better for 2pm?

so that would be a shake at:

7.30 - after breakfast

6pm - after gym /or/ 8pm on non gym nights

11pm - before bed

and then 2pm if i decide to take that one, as weve discussed.

one scoop offers 18grams on protein, and i add 200ml of milk.

ive started to up my scoops to 1.5 but using the same amount of milk (200ml) what do you guys do in the means on "how many scoops" ?
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