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Hey guys,

First real post, woooh! :tongue:

I thought I'd run this past u guys. My mate's mate told me tht in order to bulk up and get real muscle results I need to use the free weights as opposed to the machines? He mentioned that machines only help to tone up muscle.

Now I thought this was a loada bull since you're still workin the muscles, which would cause them to get bigger, but he's a gym fanatic so I didn't really want to say anythin other than, "oh ok, i'll give em a go"

I'm not a big free weights fan tho.

Thanks a lot!

thats complete crap!

i agree in a way free weights i prefer as you have to use stabilizers to hold the weight etc so theres a few more 'pro's' in my opinion, but yeh machines toning muscle is cack!

i often use machines


just realized i contradicted myself like 4 times in that post lol

machines have a tendency to target muscle as you dont need to fully support the weight from swaying etc

you can bulk with both

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miles2345 said:
when people say exercises just tone, they all stimulate muscular growth, what is your definition of tone, in my opinion he is probably talking about visual muscle tone which is just about diet
nail on the head,all your muscle knows is stress and failure,it doesnt know if your using a hammer strength this,a cybex that or a an olympus whatcahamacallit.

stress,failure,proper nutrition and rest,larger muscles shall follow. :thumbup1:

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Machines are great if you nursing an injury too. You can use you're limbs in positions that cause no iritation to the injury and still allow the completion on the movement.
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