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Hey s first i guess i'll say hi and introduce myself! Im Sean, i'm 26 and I've been training for the past 7 years, always called myself a hardgainer but at the time i was never really eating enough, i was a massive meat eater for 24 years of my life but the past 2 years i have become a Vegetarian and now this is where i am struggling to gain weight/ muscle mass, I'm not looking for the "quick gains" and expecting to gain 10lbs in a month, i have a goal to be around 92-3kg lean gains this time next year, but currently feel like the machinist (yeah massive body dismorthpia

...some quick stats:

height: 6'3

weight: 84kg

calorie range 3000-4000

I have trained 5x5, calisthenics, hit, sprints, running, kettle bells, boxing, karate, thai boxing,

I'm training calisthenics currently but want to get back into a weight lifting routine as thats what i was doing when i was at my heaviest...just feel lost where to start a again. I also follow the lean gains protocol which i mainly started when i was eating meat as i liked the fact i could eat a joint of beef in one sitting and it kept the visceral fat away.

my weight has range from my heaviest being 99kg, which at the time i was doing the whole GOMAD diet and having 1.5lbs a steak and 15 eggs a day, to my lightest being 75kg (post marathon me) I just can't seem to add weight now! Plus the past 2 years i have not been myself, started to become anxious, more in on myself, feeling weak and lethargic...So my curiosity got the better of me and i got my free testosterone levels check and they came out at a dismal 263 (normal ranges 300-1000) So I'm thinking this also has something to do with my inability to gain good weight. One thing i will point out is that the low-t doesn't seem to effect my ability in bed or desire for it as me and my gf are at it everyday.

Just looking for advice and help from people who have overcome this problem, know of any good vegetarian bulking diets and who can point me in the right direction for a great workout. Regarding diet i am wanting to follow a clean bulk preferably as i;ve just recently given up sugar due to well all the s**t it causes within the body (low-T being one)

Oh and to advice me on ways to raise my T-levels, I'm not against having testosterone therapy injections though, Im currently taking ashwagandha, maca root, vitamin d and b12 and forskolin as a natural test boost

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