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all right guys this is my first post, ive been of the training for about 5 years now and ive decided to get back into it, only problem is in the time ive not been training ive put on a few stone, now my question is can whey protien shakes be used as a meal supplement to loose weight, such as take 2 shakes to replace breakfast and lunch and have a good meal for dinner, and if so how do i train my body so when i stop this and start eating regularaly it dosent just store food as fat again?

i may be well of the mark here so any tips would be appreciated, cheers:thumb:

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Mate, don't bother doing that, not realistic in the long term so even if you did manage to lose weight, you'd prob only put it back on as soon as you stopped it.

Your better off just eating sensibly, not rocket science.

Also, try eat every few hours, small meals, this helps your metabolism to speed up and burn calories rather than store calories coz it thinks it won't be fed for ages.

i don't know what time you train but this is what i do.

7am - Protein shake, oats.

10.30 - Meal


1 - Post worrkout shake

4 - Meal

7.30 - meal

10.30 - bedtime shake.

I don't do any cardio yet sit at about 10% body fat. I don't have carbs after my post workout shake. meal = 200g meat, veg. (rice with 10.30 meal only).

The only other thing to do is cardio to burn the calories, before breakfast would be best, 45 mins on a treadmill?
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