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Howdy ho fellow forum friends, long time no see!!

I've been dropping in every once in a while, was hoping to see some familiar faces/names, which I have, hooray, hope everyone's been doing well! I also just learned about the management takeover, @Lorian you did a fantastic job and looks as though things are continuing to blossom around here despite your retreat.

So I thought I'd post here since I've been looking for a team of writers who are knowledgable, experienced, literate and great at communicating via the written word. And what better place to look than UKM? ;)

The subject matter will always be related to stuff you guys love; supps, SARMs, prohormones, even gear... everything within this region is useful for me. The posts will be typically 800-1000 words; if any of you know how marketing and content development works, it's pretty much medium-length articles, or, if you're fantastic at writing long, in-depth, thorough articles covering a specific topic (usually if a one is qualified and/or super knowledgeable on a particular subject), this is also very useful.

Primarily the articles will be promoting a particular product, for instance, MK-677. It will be for my website so this is something I will discuss with each individual regarding payment or compensation. To begin with, I would like to do a paid trial with just one article before long-term payment terms are agreed. To maintain integrity my main aim is to create content written by people who are in the industry, know what they're talking about, experienced and well-versed.

I just want to see the response I get here, if any of you are interested or even if you have existing work of yours online somewhere, by all means, do share!

Eventually, my aim is to have a small and highly reliable, awesome team of writers who will help me with content regularly and long-term, so ideally you enjoy writing and talking about supplements...

Doooooo let me know your thoughts! :thumbup1:
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