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hi guys

as you can see, im new to the forum.

basically i have a read alot of posts on this site and others. some good, some not so good on combating gyno during cycle and post cycle using either letro or nolva (some even suggesting that a cycle of epistane will do the trick) but i want clarification as i am ****ing clueless to put it gently. my query is POST CYCLE.

here is the situation... im 21 at the moment weighing at 12 stone(i think i should be around 10.5 to 11 stone based on my height and everything else), pretty good physique, abdominals showing year around and naturally good shape and muscle formation but.....

i went through a cycle of m1t around september last year (2009), i was relatively new to the bodybuilding world anyway, but poor advice from an actual supplements shop which i bought the m1t from and a lack of prior knowledge being naive on how to cycle correctly has landed me in a position which im sure alot of you guys have all had to deal with in the past and no doubt some of you deal with now.

in march/april this year (a good 6 months after being completely clean) i noticed a small lump under my right nip and a bit of puffiness around both nips if im warm(could have been there for longer im not sure)..but nothing major, compared to some of the horror pictures i have seen, my personal case of gyno seems relatively mild for which i am thankful.

nothing is itchy/sore atall, no discharge, and the lump in the right nip is about the size of a 5 pence piece and doesnt feel too hard. nothing in the left nip but i would argue that the it is a little fatty compared to the other parts of my body.

right, i want to know what cycle if any i should take in order to attempt to combat the gyno and bearing in mind that i am completely clean, and shall remain so when i have sorted out this problem, how should i start and taper off once i have completed a cycle.

key points im hoping a response could cover (personal experience would be much appreciated)....

1)should i go see my doctor first, will they give me anything, if so, is it good? (im with the NHS)

2)what should i take during this "antigyno" cycle AND where should i get it from, will it be liquid or tab and will i have to inject?

3)what dosage should i take and for what time period

4)when coming off the letro, should i take anything else to slowly taper down as i have read that estro rebound is a common problem.

If you guys could answer these and let me know what to do from the very start to the very finished including tapering down everything until i am completely clean then i will go back to my business of taking muscle fuel at most in future and put this down to inexperience and a hard lesson learned.

thanks in advance.

ps, please dont slate me for being inexperienced and stupid, ive given myself enough of a hard time about it and i am admitting that i am a moron for not getting clued up.
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