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Anyone who's name is wrong, apologies, they were taken from the judging lists.


1st Alexander Clarke

2nd Jonathan Barratt

First Timers

1st Max O'Connor

2nd Ram Singh

3rd Lee Blackburn

Masters Over 40

1st Kavin Welsh

2nd Kevin Devonport

3rd Vince Cox

4th Dennis Hill

Masters Over 50

1st Martyn Yates Brown

2nd **** Vaughan

3rd Stan Moyser

4th Lindsay Wain

Body Fitness

1st Karen Nolan

2nd A Gibbon

3rd Amy King

Intermediates up to 80kg

1st Levi Cullen

2nd Lee Clegg

3rd Nathan Ely

Intermediates over 80kg

1st Charlie Mardon

2nd Darren Towers

3rd Graham Hogg

Classic Class

1st Dale Wilson

2nd Darren Thompson

3rd Mark Commings

Men up to 70kg

1st Paul Ennis

2nd Kit Saeyong

3rd Bernie Trevlyan

4th Michael Collister

Men up to 80kg

1st Andy Gold

2nd James Gettbridge

Men up to 90kg

1st Darren Nicholhurst

2nd Paul Lock

3rd Paul Booth

Women over 55kg

1st Jeannie Ellam

2nd Trish Porter

3rd Fiona Duggan

Men Over 90kg

1st Haroldas

2nd Dave Titterton

3rd Pat Warner

Overall Haroldas

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Hi everybody - I have now uploaded the photos for the UKBFF Midlands Championship Birmingham (317 photos) and the UKBFF North East Championship Leeds onto

Both great shows - roll on the British Finals and the Mr Hercules 2008! Enjoy!
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