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hey im currently sheding fat atm. i've been looking at starting a ketosis diet.

I've worked out my daily intake (aka macros ) for 1 day and the week.

so how do i go about sorting the diet do i make a diet for everyday that suits the needs of the table?

if so could somebody help start me off with an example please


Day BMR Cal/day Fat Grams Protein Grams Carb Grams
1223421184 Less Than 20 Grams
22117176132 Less Than 20 Grams
31999144175 Less Than 20 Grams
42352183176 Less Than 20 Grams
52117165159 Less Than 20 Grams
61999144175 Less Than 20 Grams
(Carb Up) 7 305834153535

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ok shoot for around 200g protein and 200g fat to start, some may recommend higher but adjust this to fi your macros, i cant remeber the ratio of fat-protein.


diet foods


whole eggs

redmeat (i used 100%beef burgers)

oilly fish

protein shakes


chicken etc with added oil

fat from


peanut butter



flax/fish oil

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thanks mate another question..

2 2117Calories 176Fat 132Protein Less Than 20 Grams

2117 calories, how do i get extra calories as you see below i started working out meal plan for day two i got the protein and carbs etc almost right but the calories is 900? but if i add more i add more protein and fats etc and i dont really want that, any ideas mate?

Food Name Amount Unit Cals Fat (g) Carbs (g) Prot (g)

Meal 1 Oatmeal & Water 50 g 32 0.5 5.4 1.3

Meal 2 Protein Shake 150 ml 2.1 1.8 30

Meal 3 Chicken Breast 150 g 293 11.6 0 44.3

Broccoli 100 g 54 2.7 7 2.3

Meal 4 Tuna 1 Tin 317 13.1 0 46.6

Meal 5 Chicken Breast 150 g 293 11.6 0 44.3

Carrots 50 g 29 1.5 3.8 0.3

Meal 6 Dry Roasted nuts 30 g 176 14.9 6.5 7.1

TOTAL 900 46.4 24.4 131.9

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could you refrase the question please, its tricky to make out. You shouldnt really be eating oat meal on ketosis carbs should be less than 20g a day not 20gs less than protein intake.

Correct thyis if it wrong but your meals should look like this

m1- no oat meal just protein and fats eg. 6 whole eggs about 30g fat and protein

m2- shake 30g protein add evvo for 30 g

m3- chicken breast 150g broccoli and oil protein 40(odd) carbs about 8 (in a 100g broccoli) and 30g oil

m4- tuna is about 28g protein per tin i cant remeber the fat content of hand but add mayo or oil to make it up to about 30g

m5 chicken 150g use either salad or green veg rather than carrots and add oil/mayo etc to make up 30g fat

so far its about 172 g protein and 150 fat

so redue the amount of chicken per meal to 100g then

m6 chicken 100g and oil 30g

gives you about 172 protein 180 fat and around 10-20g carbs]

add salads no tomaotes to your meals and use green veg, look which ones are low in carbs
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