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hi im 39 16st and b/f mid 20s, have been training regular for over 2 yrs 4 days a week and done various aas cycles. during the 2 yrs i have lost 2 st of weight and gained a reasonable amount of muscle, but have now stopped losing weight/ bf. i have tried cutting carbs as low as possible and feel tired all the time and all my lifts have gone down in the gym !!!!

my current training and diet are as follows...

Mon: legs

Tue: chest/ tri

wed: rest


Fri:shoulders/ arms

Weekend rest but do some abs during weeknight at home when i have the energy !!!

diet: 6.30 museli or 3 eggs poached or soft boiled 2 multi seed bread, 8.30/9.00 shake, 10.30 handfull of almonds, 13.00 sandwich (2 slice multi seed brown) tuna/ cucumber, chicken lettuce mayo or 75gms pesto pasta banana and 2 peanut butter balls (maximuscle recipe peanut butter oats and honey) 4.00 bsn no xplode, train 4.45 and have banana during session, shake after training 6.00 ish, 7.00 cod/chicken breast with veg or salad with sml portion wholegrain rice or sometimes small sweet potato with salad/ veg ,or 3 egg omelette with salad, 9.00 2 peanut butter balls(sometimes)

any ideas what to add or replace or should i try a keto diet or keto and carb cycle every other day to keep energy levels up ?????? :confused1: :confused1:
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