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Well, after having banter with Nytol on UKI about his benching ability (or lack off) pmsl

I decided to man up and video todays workout:thumb:

Bench Press

Set 1, 200kg x 1 Warm up

As Nytol is a cynical cvnt, and Im well aware that you cant see weight, After this I did it again lol to remove all doubt

set 2, 200kg x 1 Warm up (again)

set 3, 210kg x 1 (no hands ha ha ha)

set 4, 220kg x 1

TBH I was going to do loads of reps with training partner "not helping just spotting" as a joke

But he decided not to help so I got it which i didnt expect TBH lol

set 5, 180kg x 5 Warm down

posted in journal, but decided to attention whore some more:lol: :lol:

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ricdan said:
And I thought I was doing well with my 5 x 112.5kg

I'm off to the gym now......

thanks mate

dan the man said:
I thought you were green???
Err Red today :lol: :lol:

Huntingground said:
BBBBBBBBooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmm, JW is back :thumb:

Good lifting Joe.

Are we expecting response/retribution from Nytol soon then?
Well, will have to see what he comes back with mate:D

gumballdom said:
220 has got to be close to a raw record iirc.

Very impressive! :beer:
Thats what I would like eventually, cheers

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J.E said:
how many reps do you reckon you could get with 200kg JW ?
200kg x 4 on a very good day I think????

Rich-B said:
Is this how you always workout and how you've built your size, with one rep sets?
I usually pyramid up with progressive weights as warm ups and CNS prep

Then working sets would be one or two with 1-3 reps

Then I would pyramid a few working sets down of 5-8 reps

pretty much same for years as I hate high reps lol

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Greyphantom said:
Now that is just crazy weights... nice lifting mate...
Thanks buddy:)

Dsahna said:
Very impressive lift mate,even though I knew you could bang out 220 any day judging from previous sessions ive seen:thumb:
Cheers Dan, TBH I have not even attempted since my last opec tear as was too scared would go again

I wasnt really going for it tonight as I expected my training partner to be helping loads for camera:lol: :lol: (as a wind up) But he decided not to help ha ha
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