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Hey guys, I'm currently 6foot, just under 12 stone and have been weight training for a couple of months now. I have noticed my 'love handles' and stomach area in general is really getting to a bulge! lol well I've decided to re-assess my goals and focus on cardio to lower my body fat % (which I have no clue what is!) and to cut basically my upper body.

My current workout routine consists of weight training (2 muscle groups a day) on Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Sunday for 40 minutes and then a 25minute run after the weight session. I know this is really poor for my goals so could you guys suggest a routine?

Also my diet consists of;

Breakfast- Bowl of Cheerios and a banana, with 8-10 almonds and protein shake (Hurricane XS)

Mid Morning Snack-I dont have one, yikes!

Lunch- Home made sandwich with a piece of fruit and again 8-10 almonds


Post workout Shake (At the moment Hurricane XS) and half a chicken with salad.

Dinner-Normally whatever mum has made! Usually lentils or Lamb or chicken =]

Thanks guys

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Dude your gonna get nowhere fast with that diet,no way near enough cals to grow plus the choise of foods is pritty poor.At 6ft like me, your prolly gonna find it hard to put on weight but if you train hard and eat,eat,eat you will grow!.

I would scrap the cardio and control your bodyfat with your diet by eating clean.Theres plenty of people that will help you out on here and loads of threads on what to eat.

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Some very healthy choices there my friend, good mixture of proteins, fats and carbs, even fruit! fantastic :thumb:

You know already that you could do with a mid morning snack, a mid afternoon one also would be a good addition. As you have been already, go for good whole food.

Buy a cheap set of body fat calipers from E-Bay for only £10, these will give you a rough starting guide on your BF%. Then use an online calculator to work out your calorie needs.

As you plan to lose some BF, aim for 300 cals less than the figure you get, monitor your progress for two weeks and if necessary, lower the cals in 200 cal increments until you reach 1-2lb of 'scale weight' lost. Use the calipers and your gym log to define if you are losing muscle or fat.

Cardio is no bad thing, it can be catabolic to muscle if you go too crazy with it so limit it to moderate intensity and for only 30 mins.

Train hard and you should retain muscle throughout your diet, use compound exercises such as can be found in Bigs 'How to Grow' article.


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