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this is just stupid, i mean 50-100 reps of what exercise???

so that's what you do to get ripped is it? nothing to do with diet at all? :der:

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HellsAngelGirl said:
stupid????? scottswald you sound like an arrogant little *****. don't make rude comments ******* coward.
did i mis something how is he being rude?

his questions are valid.....

50-100 reps of what? this will not rip anything up in fact it has been shown using lighter weights and excessive reps will only go towards burning glycogen and not fat.....

what about diet? there is no way on this earth the guy in the poicture got like that from 50-100reps and 30min cardio 5 x week....what diet did he follow? was it high carb, high fat/low carb??

did he use any aids like ECA or Clen?

does he use steroids or is he natural...

to be fair the original post is poor at best and probably the worsed advice i have seen for a while.

HellsAngelGirl don't use abusive language on the forum please....
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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