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It looks like admin erased all trace of my threads.

Its sad if u think about it. I was a good laugh. Had loads more funny s**t to do, I'll make that NMA vid n I'll tag you lot when iv done it haha, be a good laugh.

Sparkey proberly did the dirty work on me, I thought he was mint, he was a proper funny mod. Atleast u could have a laugh with him n not get banned..... Well supposedly anyway......

I bet u someone has complained tho, its all these users from other parts of UK-M rising up from the deep n gettin involved in gen con and not like da liftas comments. Mugs.

3 times sparkey as been told to ban me this week.... I half thought it was a joke. He should of atleast spoke to me about it instead hiding behind his keyboard.

Oh f**k...... Was it coz I tagged the vsAdmin in that post? Hahaha fool

Everyone should stop posting as much in gen con. Let it gan stale and boring, coz if u say out 'crazy' they will ban you.

VsAdmin can suck my balls till I need to use Test E cz they be suckin all my test out ma balls, u get me bro?

I want a proper Convo with the one soul that banned me.
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