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My mate swears by this diet for getting ripped but personally I feel it may be too heavy with the bread? Anyone got any suggestions?

breakfast: 1 sachet of porridge oats 1 peice of brown taoste and a black coffee

mid a.m: protien shake

lunch: chicken or tuna and mayo on 1 slice of brown toast + banana

mid pm: protein shake

Train + protien shake with added high glycemic carbs ( e.g cnp pro recover or cyclone ...)

dinner: one small baked potatoe, green veg only, and chicken/fish

just a protien shake and rice cake before bed....

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Here is a good one for you, you will eat more, but its the right foods at the right time, without the breads and sauces etc, you just have to fit the meals into your working life etc, but try to eat every 2.5-3 hours

CV- 30 min upon waking on empty tummy, teaspoon of Glutamine

05.50 6 egg whites (one whole egg)

50grams oats with water

1 scoop Pro-peptide

08.30 40grams of brown rice (Cooked)

1 tin of tuna

80 grams of peppers N onions

11.00 40grams of brown rice (Cooked)

200grams of chicken breast

100grams of Broccoli

14:00 1 scoop Pro-peptide


17:00 Protein slam or 1 scoop whey protein in water

17:30 Train with weights

19:00 2 scoops of pro-recover

20:00 100grams of Salmon

100grams of Mackerel

200grams of broccoli/greenbeans

22:30 3 scoops Casein(45g) mixed with water

Aim to lose 1 to 2 lb per week and it will be fat lose and not your hard earned muscle, drink 3 to 6 litres of water per day and things like green tea, have a cheat meal on Saturdayof whatever you want and enjoy it but dont overdo it

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When dieting I would suggest using lower glycemic index carbohydrates and fiberous vegetables.

This will keep blood sugar levels more stable, keep insulin from spiking, and offer you great a nice steady stream of fuel.

Also, keep the processed foods down to a minimum, those rice cakes have a higher glycemic index than sugar.

All processed foods, that even includes shakes, powders and other meal replacements.

Nothing beats nature for good food.

All the protein you need can be found in whole foods with many more times the nutrition than powders.

Powders are an addition too, not a substitute for food.

Fiber for instance will help you burn more calories, for instance 35 grams of carbohydrates burns about 250 calories, lower cholesterol, has anti-cancer properties, and slows down digestion which will keep blood sugars more stable and offer awesome (the best) effect for lowering the glycemic load of a meal, not to mention aid in elimination (constipation).

I would also add a good fat in there like fish oils too.
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