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Train legs one day after you've trained back? I've got no other room in my split to have it any other way because my legs will be too fuked for football training on Thursday if I train legs on Tuesday. What you guys think?

Sat - Back / Shoulder

Sun - Legs

Mon - Chest

Tues -

Weds - Bi / Tri

Thurs - Football Training

Fri -

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You may have only trained back and shoulders but your body needs a rest! There are numerous systems involved in repairing your muscles that are not area specific. So imho, if you are newish to training, and are natural, you may overtrain your body this way.

If you go ahead anyway, avoid slds (straight leg dead lifts) for hams as these will work your already tired back and squats may be out as your lower back may be fatigued from the day before and not provide enough stability. Stick wiht isolation exercises and you will be ok.


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