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Hi guys,

I've read a lot of varying opinions on the pros and cons of low heart rate (between 110 and 120 bpm) steady state cardio (fasted) as opposed to HIIT or Tabata.

What I'm wondering is, if what I'm doing (basically a combination of the two) is practical from an increased weight-loss perspective, or detrimental through likelihood of catabolism.

On non training days I go for a thirty minute brisk walk, maintaining a heart rate between 110 and 120bpm, I then break into a fast jog for sixty seconds, then sprint for twenty seconds walk for ten, sprint for twenty, walk for ten, repeating eight times (or 4 mins) finishing with a sixty second jog. The whole thing takes exactly 36 mins.

The other relevant factor here is that I'm currently on a timed carb diet (only eating carbs on training days, just before and just after I do weights. Therefore after this cardio session I will only be consuming protein and fats for my breakfast.


1. as my heart rate only reaches a high range for a few minutes, should I be ok for preventing potential muscle loss?

2. Is the fact all this fasted cardio is then followed by only fats and protein also going to risk muscle loss?

3. Does the fact I'm doing the HIIT Tabata, make the 30mins steady state cardio surplus to requirements?

Any feedback greatly appreciated

regards Rich

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You could do a little steady state as a warm up to the Tabata sets,10 to 15 minutes would be enough.Once you have done the tabata or intervals the fat burning process has kicked in any more is not needed.
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