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Good evening all

Quick word of introduction really. I have been lurking on the site for a few weeks reading through some of the threads, many of which are great for a relative newbie such as myself. My thanks to the mods and regulars for a great one-stop shop for advice and support.

In truth, im not a "newbie" in the true sense of the word - have been visiting a gym regularly for years and have dabbled in protein shakes, steriods and keto diets.

Unfortunatly, my job demands long hours at a desk, social drinks, travel and general bollocks that I use as excuses to stop me eating well and training hard. I have no excuses, my lack of progress is my own fault and no one elses. I recognise that there is no magic pill, potion or diet that will leave me huge and ripped.

I want to set myself a small goal of losing a stone of body fat before re-evaluating my targets and focus on size and strength. BTW - im 5ft 11 and 14st 2 lbs with BMI of 25. Appreciate advice on how to deal with the above mentioned lifestyle challenges (excuses) and exercises to develop my traps - delts coming along fine, traps... bad!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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