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I've been pretty much sedentary for about 1 year and a half.

I'm currently not working or studying and quite motivated to start being fit and healthy.

I am 1m80 (5 foot 9) and 105 kg (203 pounds) with a high body fat percentage (I would say almost 30%)

I started lifting weigths at a club close to my house and doing others things, so 5 times for week I do :

  • About 1 hour a day ABC of weigth lifting (about 4 machines for each group of muscles)

  • A: one day for triceps and chest

  • B: one day for back and biceps

  • C: one day for legs

  • 10 minutes bike before + 10 min bike after

  • About 40 medium intensity tennis against the wall

  • 40 minutes whole body strecth in the nigth

  • Also, I am doing a 30 minutes sauna 3 times a week for relaxation

I am doing a nice diet too (about 2200 calories every day). Eating a nice quantity of proteins and about 400/500 calories below my current body burning value.

My objectif is mainly being more healthy and confortable with everyday activity. I also would like to have a nice body shape: so basically losing weigth and gaining some muscle (I guess I should focus on losing weigth first, but not sure).

The thing is, I have a lot of free time to do maybe 2 hours of weigth lifting of two sessions of cardio or more running/bike, etc...

But I know, that doing a lot of exercise can be harmfull and can actually make the progress slower than the rigth amount of exercise.

Should I/ Can I do more exercise than that for better and fast results? What should I be doing different or focusing in my activities.

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Be careful, i was training twice a day (not every day) and in a caloric deficit. I was going at it real hard but after 3 months i started to feel weaker and got problems. I think you should really monitor yourself if your going to extremes like that. But if your a beginner at first you would progress for sure.

My advice would be NOT to start full out but add extra cardio or training once weight loss stalls. If you go full out now right from the bat you won't have anything left if you need to break through a plateau.
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