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Hi, I was just wondering if anyone knew whether using Hurricane XS resulted in any water retention? (Being it that it does contain creatine), and would I deflate if I stopped using it?


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JimmaChoo said:
I noticed that the suggested time for the use of Hurricane is in the morning and post workout, how about before you sleep, with milk, to prevent catabolism overnight?
IMO,too many sugars to be considered a good choice prebed.

As far as i can see,the product has been designed predominantly for Pwo use but also for the hardgainer,as a MRP,who struggles to put weight on.

Along with protein,a complex carb or healthy fat(efa)source is more appropriate at this time of night,as you want a slow release of nutrients while keeping blood sugar levels as constant as possible.

Better choices before bed,goal dependant,include

Oats and Milk Protein Concentrate (+ efa's?)

Efa's(fish oils/PB/Olive/flax oil) and MPC

Cottage cheese + efa's

Steak and veg

Eggs and fish oils


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