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Hi guys, im currently 12 stone and about 10% body fat at 5"7 with some good lean mass as i was 9 stone when i started training. I am looking to get to around the 13.5 stone mark so have a way to go. what you think to this diet?

wake up - protein shake

beakfast - tin of baked beans and 2 whole scrambled eggs

morning food - one 6oz beef burger with boiled potatoes

Lunch - one 6oz beef burger with boiled potatoes

Mid afternoon - Protein shake

Dinner - one 6oz beef burger with boiled potatoes

Late mean - Some portions of Fruit

Before bed - Left over meal and Protein Shake

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gearchange said:
As said above but also no where near enough. I would eat all three beefburgers in one meal alone . go to the diet section you'll find what you need to grow.
You would eat 18oz of beefburger per meal? Bet you're lean.
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