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I used to be soo lean for years I’d not skip a workout and only have a takeaway if I felt it was deserved and worked out harder when the grub was in me:

noways for at least a year Iv lost so much discipline with my nutrition, I will have a takeaway whenever I feel like it and iv been fat at gym for at least a year, my workouts are still half decent though.

I normally use myfitness pal before anyone suggests.

thing thing I KNOW that will specifically work for me is a appetite suppressant, the basics are effective enough nowadays (fibre/high protein)

many magic pills? Once it’s shifted I’m sure I will be fine maintaining it, iv just got too used to fulfilling my appetite and not the long term fitness physique goal.
I just eat almost what I want it’s the winter. Enjoy the food then summer I change to more clean food.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts