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runningbighead said:
hi can you tell me which fat tablets are the best proven that work for women
i cant for the life of me remember what there called, there used to treat asmatics though i belive.

make you sweat loads

Clen i think


Core Evolution
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Seriously, Fat loss tablets! I have wokred as a profesional in the fitness industry for 14years and can tell you right now that this is not a good idea.

The majority of this kind of product will be a money making platform for some one who is not acting from a good place. You have to remember that allot of the fitness industry makes allot of money sellng rubbish.

The key to getting in shape is in many ways very simple in other ways very complex. Follow this link and you can see my interpretation of helath and fitness as a modal.

Health Cycle - Core Evolution

Take your time, injoy the journy and you will get the result you want. There are no short cuts.

In health and happiness

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ephedrine are my faviorite for lossing weight. they help with the appetite. its best to train first do some cardio and a good diet then when its sticking start using ephedrine
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