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Just joined the forum after googling bodybuilding forums. I've just rejoined my local gym 3 weeks ago with a view to getting in shape for next year (summer). When I say in shape i'm looking to bulk up a lot and get ripped also.

I'm 14stone 10pounds and 6ft 2". I've got an average amount of body fat (was 15% last time I checked and hasnt chnaged much) mainly on the gut from drinking I guess.

I've decided to bulk up as much at first until maybe the middle of january, then start getting ripped. At the moment my routine is;

Monday - Shoulders and Abs

Tuesday - Chest and Triceps

Wednesdays - Cardio 30 mins (run or bike)

Thursday - Back and Biceps

At the minute, i'm not doing any leg work. I plan to start doing some but not yet, as I dont want to hit the gym too hard and overtrain or get bored by going too much.

I have a few questions for you all.

I have quite big thighs and arrse. They're not particularly fat, just broad. I wondered if doing leg work would make them appear fatter? I thought about doing squats or something to train my arrse, but I dont want it to just look bigger. Can cardio work on the legs (running and bike) be sufficient for them to match the upper body development?

Is my plan of bulking up for 3-4 months, then conditioning for 3-4 months after that a good idea?

Also, i've been reading a lot about diet in the last week and have started eating pretty well now.

I normally have a bowl of Alpen or toast for brekkie.

I have 3 wholemeal sandwiches of tuna mayo/savoury cheese/coronation chicken throughout the day at college which I normally space out over thee day, and they keep me feeling full.

I have a protein shake straight after the gym then my tea, which is normally some form of carbs like pasta, potatoes, rice etc with either steak, chicken, tuna, salmon etc.

Then maybe some fruit before bed. I also drink plenty of water throughout the day. My protein shake is 'Pro Body Peak Mass'. For every 100g it has 387cal, 40g protein, 50g carbs, 3g fat. It says its complex carbs and it also has a load of nutrients that end in "sine" on the side which i won't list.

I would like to know if this protein shake is any good? Also, the tub says use one heaped scoop per shake. But it doesnt say how much is in 1 scoop. I'm cautious of putting un wanted fat on, and dont want to over do it with the cals if they are going to turn to fat.

So I basically wanna know:

1) Will leg exercises make my legs/**** look fatter (bering in mind they are quite thick and chunky to start with).

2) Can cardio work allow the legs to develop shape (which is all im looking for with the legs at the minute)?

3) Is my 3 months bulking- then ripping after that good amount of time for muscle growth, or should I allow longer?

4) Is my protein shake "Pro Body, Peak Mass" any good? And what amount is there normally is one serving (scoop)?


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lodgi said:

4) Is my protein shake "Pro Body, Peak Mass" any good? And what amount is there normally is one serving (scoop)?
Weigh a scoops worth and work it out although im pretty sure it will tell you somewhere on the tub how much per scoop

If you are wanting to bulk withouit training legs then you need to read the stickies in here.
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