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Long time reader and read lost of posts and Greg doucette visa etc and sort of thought I had an idea of how to gain muscle and lose fat but I have a lot to learn from my result.

I bulked for 4 months and went from 13 stone 10 to 15 stone eating around 3200 cals and then cut from January small decreases and now weigh 13 stone 8 eating 2200 and doing 30 mins cardio a day. But have started to gain weight and look flat.

I don't really know what I am doing so any advice on how to gain muscle and cut effectively would be much appreciated thank you in advance.

H: 5 feet 8

W: 13 stone 8 I would say 18 percent body fat

Cals: 2200 macros protein 220 fat 60 and carbs around 90 before and after training

Office job

Train push pull legs 5/6 days a week

On prescribed trt
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