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Hello folks.

I live in London, aged 57, mainly retired now, and have just signed up to work with a trainer at my gym. When I do work, it is as a life coach, using mainly NLP interventions with my clients.

I have been working out on my own for a couple of year and made some great progress, but sort of hit a wall recently. I decided, if I wanted something different, I had to learn to do something different, also.

Watching the trainers work with other gym members, I was really impressed with this guy, and watching him work out by himself, well, I swear his biceps and chest grew as I watched!

And I thought, I want some of that kind of progress for myself.

I found this site as I was googling BCAA, which is something he has told me to take before and after each resistance session.

Had my first session yesterday, it was the most intense and interesting experience. Hurts today, though. :D

Am going to have a good trawl through later to find out for myself what other words of wisdom there are.

Glad to be here.


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Welcome to the Board Steve.

Loads of Great Info on here, if you need any questions answered just ask, as we all had to start off somewhere.

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