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Hello there.

I will be back in Bangkok at the weekend. I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get HGH.....

I was in the city 10 weeks ago and whilst I could find testosterone at a great price, I couldn't find any HGH

Anyway I went to Phuket and did a cycle of test prop and anavar. 2 weeks into PCT now.

I've been using HGH for about 5 months (Pfizer mini quicks) and in Phuket I found Meditech Somapure, but for a ridiculous price of 12500 baht.

I'm going back to Phuket and I can get everything I need there. But my question is does anyone know of a reliable pharmacy in Bangkok? I tried the ones on Sukhumbvit (nana area) and they said they didn't have any, all previous online searches pointed to this area. Hence the new '2016' post.

Anyway I'll be in Bangkok for a few days stocking up on test and blue hearts, and hopefully HGH, otherwise I'll have to fork out £250 for a box from Phuket

thanks in advance
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