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Hi, 1st of all im gona say what a mint forum it is, carnt believe ive never come across it, so much info, problem is theres to much and its abit confusing lol.

What im after is some help putting a training plan 2gthr, im just about to start back at the gym, i went to the gym previously for 2 years 3 times a wk, i stoped going about 4months ago because i was just getting fed up with seeing no change what so ever apart from when i 1st startd,so like i say im after some help in putting a training plan 2gthr, i know theres plans on here but wasnt sure if their plan would be any different to mine regarding size etc...

im 28yr old

6ft 6

and about 17st 2lbs

i did find when i was training before i was hungry alot and my diet really wasnt the greatest but stayd away from fatty foods so im gona need some help putting a diet 2gthr aswell which i will post in the diet section.

i dont want to be huge but quite defined and toned.

sorry if things are mentioned in other posts but i just wanted to get a good work out based on myself.

thanks for your time.

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