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my stats :

25yrs old

6'2'' tall


working out 2 yrs now

my first cycle

I train 5 days a week (chest/back/legs/shoulders/arms)

the cycle i was thinking on doing is:

VAR- week 1-8 (total 8 weeks)

TBOL- week 3-8 (total 6weeks)

winny- week 5-8 (total 4 weeks) injection

I have 3 questions

1- is this a good cycle? i would like to put on some lean mass and cut my body fat. (i cannot do test)

2-what kind of pct should i take?

3- should i take anything on my cycle to help protect my liver or anything like that?

thanks for taking your time in helping me out. :thumbup1:

Still waiting to get HUGE!!!
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1. I dont see the reason for adding 3 very similar compounds together. Y not just run one at a sesible dose? And y carnt u do test?

2.Nolva and clomid.

3. No liver protection is needed, it is well over hyped and is not needed.
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