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hi i been training for about 2 years but had a 7 month break and restarted last month im currently on a low cycle of creatine ,3 protien shakes a day ,800mg of tribulus ,2 testosterol 250 tabs(pre training), 2 biosterol (post training) 6-8 meals a day:eek:ats,chicken rice,peanut butter on wheatgerm ,tuna and pasta and weetabix all double servings :) and i drink about 4 litres of water a day and 2 or 3 cups of green tea with honey .

i going to add some maximuscle cyclone to my diet when the creatine has run out next week sometime.

i train hard for around an hour a day 6 days a week (i heal fast)

i plan to move on to the gear in a couple of months i have done alot of research but need some advice really, i have got a good supplier with a good rep ,i already have 7 vials of decca nandralone (200mg) so would like these to be part of the cycle i can get more i know 7 aint enuff for nuffin but decca dick could some1 help me out with a good cycle with maximum gains and with minimum gain losses after , and also pct for after the course???? i wanna do this properly and not make myself impotent or a skinny rake after the cycle so your help would mean alot

i am 22 6ft2 and wiegh around 88kgs

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