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heres the lowdown

My mate has been training for the last 2 years, he's slim all over his body and he wants to lose the fat thats on his stomach. He's tried a few diets now and they haven't work as much and has been told all sorts of advised even from me, I can't still get his stomach down. His waist is 36inch, age 23, and weighs 13st.

This is the last diet that he has been following for the last 3 months:


6 eggs, 1 whole and 5 whites and 45g of porridge

11am Met rx protein shake

1pm 200g of chicken breast and 60g of rice, 1 udo oil capsule

4pm 200g of chicken breast and 50 g of rice, 1 udo oil capsule

6pm training

7:30pm finish training and met-rx protein shake

9pm 200g chicken breast and lots of veg, 1 udo oil capsule

11:30pm protein shake or sometimes cottage cheese

and does cardio once a week upto 30minutes

he also suffers from acne on his upper back and uses minouceline 100mg, prescription medicine by his GP, what he kind of gear can he use to lose the fat on the stomach?

Lift, Eat, Rest, Repeat.
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30 mins cardio a week?

think he is going to need to do lots more than that

I have my diet sorted with about 700 calorie

deficit per day, and I do 45 Min's cardio per day

and still only lose about 3lbs a week.

also how accurate is the diet does he eat the same stuff

every single day? how about booze?
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