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Hello my names Gordon

Hello to everyone on here.

Been reading this site for a while so thought i'd introduce myself.

I started taking weight training seriously this year and i'm looking for as much info as i can to help with my goals, which are to loose about 2 kilos of bodyfat and gain as much muscle as is realisticaly possible.

Im 5ft 10 and weigh 86kg approx with noticeable bodyfat

I currently train every other day doing 1 body part per workout doing 4 excercises maximum so in and out of the gym in 40 minutes

(e.g Mon- chest, weds- quads so on and so on)

I do pre breakfast cardio which is 30 mins walk or cylcle ride. 5 times a week

Diet wise is as follows:

0715 wake 500mg Vit c and black coffee


0800 x3 boiled eggs 1 toast, multi vit (reflex nexgen)

1100 1 x scoop extreme whey and a spoon of peanut butter

1400 chicken or turkey breast, Broccolli and 30g brown rice

1600 Train on training days

1700 PWO 1x scoop extreme build n recover and 1x scoop extreme whey

2000 usually mince or steak or pork, pasta n veg (un measured)

I know it doesnt look great so if anyone wants to rip it to shreds then feel free as any help would be really appreciated.

Hope to get as much info from the site as possible

Thanks Guys


Hey man... well if you new to working out and looking to build up but first to loose body fat. You need to first concentrate on body fat mostly and burn that all off. At the moment while you still trying to get all you diet right to work for you, i think supplements can possibly be a bit of waist of money and try not to eat carbs late.

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Thanks Lolik

Thanks Tazzy- lee

Nicksta C, Thanks for your comments, i tried training with no supplements for a month just to see and i did loose size but the fat stayed.

But i'll take your comments on board. Cheers
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