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After a 3 year break I'm planning to get back to bodybuilding, as I've gained a lot of fat of which I'm not quite proud.

I am planning on opening up a progress thread with monthly pictures as soon as I start training again, but first of all i want to ask your opinion on dietary supplements. It would be kind of you to share some websites where I can order and recommend me some makes.

I'm planning on using powder proteins , creatine, BCAAs and some fat burners but I don't know what brands are best.

I'm 22 years old , 1.95 meters tall and I weight about 115 kg although when I was training I used to be cut at around 100 kg. Right now my goal is to be cut at around 105kg which I hope to achieve in half of an year of training. (That is if the muscle memory thing is not complete bollocks)

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