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A good gym for me is important and i trained in many before i had my own.

I am interested in peoples opinions and would be grateful if you put some thoughts down.

eqp is obviously important, price too, i charge around 30.00 per month,

i know a lot charge between 30-40 notes,

also atmosphere,the crack the bond, i rate this very highly,

Whats your thoughts?

Also the owner, has this put any people off?

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A good gym for me has to have the equipment I need, and also not be too busy or over crowded.

Main things I like to see:

Decent/proper pull up bars (ones that I can kip/front lever/go upside down/hang on, without hitting things)

Olympic weights

Squat/power rack

Large selection of dumbells and some fixed weight barbells

Dipping station

Open areas or studios

Shiny machines and cardio equipment to distract the other people in the gym.


swimming pool

running track


back extension machine

decline bench press

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Pretty much what gerg said^^^^

Apart from the obvious essential equipment i think the atmosphere has big part to play. The other users/surroundings etc etc. I used to be in a gym local to me that complained about my shouting / grunting & also me dropping the weights to hard (after max reppin 40kg db's on shoulder press).

Not being over crowded as said already also v important.

Magic Torch said:
A sick bucket next to the squat rack :)
LMAO I was talkin to a guy in the gym the other week and said the same thing almost, they need one on every station imo, the only thing I dont wanna gip on is chest now :laugh:

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i would turn the question around....

what doesn't a good gym need....

it doesn't need a coffee bar, social lounge, franchised nail and beauty salon, lift to the weights area.... (i can think of at least one that has the last item..)

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I think it is down to the patrons, too many d1cks around who hog machines when not using them or doing loads of unnecessary sets...

A good hardcore gym will attract the right patrons as they won't tolerate d1cks.

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3-4 oly bars

2 benching stations

1 incline benching station

military press station

3-4 benches

t-bar row


sitting calve raise

standing calve raise

chin bar

high/low pulley row stations

cable cross over station

big range of dumbbells


loads of plates



no city workers (pompus pr1cks on mobiles/blackberrys)

my gym is heaven....

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i think every gym should have a bar for a drink afterwards with a dancefloor,also maybe a few dealers,so if you aint got the energy you can score a few pills after...maybe some strippers!!!!


it is all about the atmosphere....i really do like the ol skool type of rustied up,worn in,i'm not there to impress,just to train type know,nobody is there wearing the clothes they go out in on a saturday night etc....a true grit gym...lots of barbells,benches...tons of freeweights...squat racks,power-racks,deadlift area....then all the cables n machines come after that!!!!

good friendly gym makes for even if everyone is on cycle and serious!!!!

also i have found that when i'm not training with my training partner...i have been forced to ask people i dont know who i feel are able to spot me,people who dont mind and will have the favour returned is cool too!!!

saying all cant beat a hardcore gym,people training flat out,grunting n all,bit of chalk for heavy lifts,people shouting at their training partner,heavy dumbells n barbells getting thrown about (bombs going off,prize fighting,hardcore porn on the big screen,sorry i'm joking)...its what gets me to work out hard too....a gym where everyone is standing around,nice gym clothes,chatting about eastenders,training like its just for the sake of doing...etc...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO....

loud music is ok,but doesnt bother me really,i'm there to train not listen to me fav fats domino tracks!!!!

some good posters/pics of strongmen,top bodbuilders etc....vids of hardcore training etc...all adds to the hype and training mind too!!!

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It's a lot of things. Equipment is obviously very important - being unable to train properly due to lack of certain things is just annoying.

I have to suffer the training centre's 'gym' later. How anything that cannot give a full body workout can possibly be called a gym amazes me.

Atmosphere wins it every time though - I want to be inspired to train, I want to see people working hard, sweating, lifting heavy and doing it because they want to, have the drive, not because this week's Bint or Emo Boy has told them they have to get in 30 mins a day.... :cursing:

What a gym doesn't need is Lycra Queens posing on the treadmills barely breaking a sweat, Bicep Boys hogging the equipment and walking around with a bad attitude, grumpy staff and vending machines that sell crisps and chocolate (WTF? - and in the case of out local Fitness First - free pop!!!!!)

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Beklet said:
How far is that from Lincoln?
Becklet, its 20-30mins drive.

I am thinking of opening a gym in the north west in the near future and its good to get real feedback from gym rats.

Some people really **** me off, they walk in and say how much is it?

they say they have not got time for a quick look though:confused1:

obviously tools-i should charge them a higher rate:laugh:
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