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Yes, my training is going well, though I'm nowhere near as big as you. I'm doing well though as for a few years I had a skin issue and a chronic condition with my left lower leg, which without going into detail was a mess. I think I did the leg training by pulling the calf real bad. The Doctors think I've had a DVT. They and the hospital could not fix the damaged vein and apart from a medical stocking there was nothing they could do. Please read a post about it all sometime within Natural Bodybuilding and the thread Natty's - where are you? I explained it all to another member. Saves my typing it all again as I use a tablet and copy and paste is ridiculous. I'm OK now due to my own efforts and back training! Thanks.
doesn’t sound very pleasant that glad you have managed to manage it , least you back training now . I will certainly take a look at the thread

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Sooo after a long think and looking at my physique and being happy with my results I have decided to start a lean bulk . Will be calming down on the cardio , 30 minutes liss after each session.

my current calories is 3000 calories
So will be only raising this by 500 so total being 3500 per day only 200g carbs starting off , will be taking it slow and add in more when I see fit . No drugs as of yet still running 125mg test e per week for the next few weeks or so, I am thinking mid December if bloods come back good .

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the training plan , I prefer to train high intensity rather than volume so I will be using a 2 set protocol with a top set and a back off set . For large compound movements I will be working with 4-8 for top set then 8-12 for back off set . Smaller movements will be higher reps of course around 8-12 -12 15 depending on the body part , arms may go slightly higher 8-12. 12-20 ect. These will be very hard sets tho . Pretty much get in and out stim the muscle and go home and grow so it will look something like this laid out

push pull legs day off push pull legs

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Diet and supplements I will be taking daily
5g omega 3
5000iu d3
Electrolytes supplementation
Zinc and vitamin c
5g creatine
Also be taking a mini aspirin daily for when I cycle so be throwing that in daily to as a blood thinner .

pre workout as you can see will either be 51/50 or kill it reloaded and may include 5-10 g cialis if I fancy a dirty pump
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Food wise

Roughly 350g 5 percent beef
300g chicken breast
whole eggs
Tuna in spring water
Cashew nuts for my fat intake

carb sources wil be oats,rice thin bagels , veggies , fruits .as I progress I will start to add in pasta sweet potatoes ect , rather have a good variety when it comes to bulking rather than eating the same thing all day as once it’s on my plan it doesn’t come off , I just up and lower carbs and as when needed

Will also be using whey protien with my morning oats purely for taste and a little extra protien boost .
Will also be using 25g dextrose post work out with 2 scoops whey . That’s pretty much the only time I consume powders , first thing and after workout . Can’t be real food. Will be drinking around 3 litres of water per day also

Got a good selection of skinny sauces also , unfortunately all out of the garlic and herb , goes with pretty much anything , south west has to be my 2nd fav

Liquid Bottle Glass bottle Rectangle Drink

Will have a cheat meal approx once a week to chill with the fam and have some normality . I don’t think cheat meals necessarily needed but keeps everyone happy and something to look forward to at the end of the week . Got to have some balance I believe. . Happy weekend and training to you all (y)

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So day 1 of my push pull legs 6 day split
Some strength loss due to being on a cut , so 10kg down on bench , only temporary tho and hoping I will get my lifts back before jumping back on cycle
Next push session I will be starting with incline barbell and the session will be slightly different to todays so kind of alternating between push day 1 and push day 2 , this will be the same as well with my pull and leg sessions

Week 1 day 1

Rotator cuff 3x 15-20

Flat bench
Set1 130kg. 6.
Set2.120kg 7 rest pause 1

Incline bench on smith
Set1 100kg 9.
Set2. 80kg 12

Incline db fly
Set1 22.5kg 12.
Set2. 17.5kg 25

Bb shoulder press cleaned from floor
Set1 70kg 8
Set2 60kg 9 rest pause 2 more reps

Db side laterals
Set1 20kg 8.
Set2. 12.5kg 16 double drop set

Skull crushers
Set1. 50kg 9.
Set2. 40kg 13

One arm reverse Tricep push down
14kg 7.
9kg 14

Overhand close grip push down
41kg 8.
32kg 12

some low impact cardio to Finnish the session

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Looking good! 👌
Thanks bud, been quite depressing seeing my lifts go down to be honest , but to be expected being on lower calories and dropping weight . Can mess with your head lol. Now I am where I want to be Should see some good changes over the next up and coming months , I went a bit ott on the bulk up last time and bulked up to 246lbs post lock down , I weren’t fat fat but was holding a lot more water than I wanted still had abs tho . So lean bulk all the way now . 🙂

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week 1 day 2

Rack pulls -below knee level
Set1 230kg 8
Set 2. 200kg 11
complete reset after each rep no bouncing

Close grip pull downs
Set1 93kg 8.
set2 79kg 10

Barbell row
Set1 120kg 9.
set2. 100kg 11

Straight arm pull downs
Set1 41kg 9.
set2 32kg 13.

Db rear delts
Set1. 20kg 14.
Set2. 15kg 17 reps Double drop set

Alternating db curls ( no swinging )
Set1. 25kg 11
Set2. 17.5kg 15 reps

Hammer curls
Set1 25kg 11.
Set2. 17.5kg 15+ 3 negatives

Close grip ez bar curls
Set1 40kg 12.
set2 30kg 16

25g dextrose 2 scoops whey then home for a meal

No cardio after workout , not trying to burn fat anymore so went out for a 30-40 minute walk today , purely to keep active , I sit on my bum most of the day , so still want to get all my steps in ect

Slightly over 3 litres of water today .

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week 1 day 3

First leg session of the week. I am currently 30kg down on the squat , over 100+ down on the leg press i think it was around 480kg before I started cutting and 180kg squat for reps ect . so be nice to get them back up over the next up and coming weeks

I have attached a few photos from tonight session of squat depth , sissy squats foot placement ect , sissy squats always done light , no heavy weight , more of a rep out finisher for quads and a absolute killer , highly recommend if you have not tried but go easy I will say . So that’s quads and hamstrings and calves done tonight . Next leg session will be hamstrings then quads . But tomorrow a day off then I will begin my next push session .

Set1. 150kg 6
Set2. 140kg 8

Wide Leg press
Set1. 340kg 8.
Set2. 270kg 14

Leg extensions machine broken

Sissy hack squats
Set1. 80kg 15.
Set2 60kg 30 reps

Seated leg curls
Set1. 63kg 9.
Set2. 43kg 16

Laying leg curl
Set1. 45kg 9.
Set2. 32kg 15 reps

Set1. 63kg 12
Set2. 50kg 13

Super set

Set1. 63kg 12
Set2 50kg 20

Calve raises on leg press
Set1. 250kg 11 reps
Set2 200kg 14 reps

Seated calves
Set1. 70kg 9.
Set2. 50kg 14 drop set 25kg
super set bodyweight 15 rest pause 10 done

Ab work

Straight leg raises on bench for more range
Set1 21,
Set2 16
Set3 12.

Weighted crunches
controlled with 2 second pause at bottom of each rep
Set1. 41kg 12.
set2. 41kg. 8
Set3. 32kg 15

Footwear Jeans Trousers Shoe Photograph

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Found my self doing a 2 am session , better late than never right 🙂

so today was my 2nd push session of the week . This session and the next pull and legs will also be slightly lower volume than the previous 3.
Only got 4 reps on the incline , but as said previously currently working in 4-8 rep range for some larger compound movements . No shoulder pressing today , I feel that once is more than enough as shoulders are quite a strong point of mine , but of course got some laterals in there .

week 1 day 4

Rotator cuff x3

Incline barbell bench
Set1. 120kg 4.
Set2. 100kg 10

Close grip bench- elbows tucked in to target triceps
Set1. 100kg 8 reps
Set2 80kg 12

Cable fly
Set1 27kg 12.
Set2 18kg 16 reps

Over head seated dumbbell Tricep extensions
Set1. 35kg 12.
Set2. 27.5kg 16

Tricep pushdowns - straight bar
Set1. 41kg 9 reps
Set2. 32kg 12

Db side laterals
Set1. 20kg 9.
Set2. 12.5kg 23 reps Drop set 6kg 40 reps

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just a quick pic to show my close grip bench press hand placement , I see a lot of guys go way to close almost to the middle of the bar with a small gap inbetween putting unnecessary strain on the wrist ect . For me with this grip and elbows tucked triceps get hit pretty dam hard and no touching chest stop just before keeping the tension constantly on the triceps . This Will also help increase your bench press over time .
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