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Can you brothers help me make sense of bloodwork please.

Ive been on pharma gh for 3.5 months to repair some injuries. After 2-3 weeks Ive been on 3.5-4IU EOD but lately its 4IU 2on, 2 off. No sides thankfully other than not being able to eat enough to maintain weight!

I hadnt the chance to get bloods done before but got some done for other reasons. Im not on any test and never have. Liver data is a bit worrying apparently

Liver Panel

Total bilirubin, protein total, albumin, globulin, alkaline phosphatase, gamma GT all in normal range. Aspartate transferase is 49U/L where normal is <40. Alanine Transferase is 72U/L where normal is <41.

Progesterone also high at 0.9nmol/L (should be <0.16-0.47)

Prolactin also high at 489mIU/L where normal is 86-324. Bioactive Prolactin also high at 339mIU/L where normal is 63-245.

Test also low at 8.9 but that was 1.5hrs after waking and a big breakfast.

Should I be worried? I have to get more bloods done Monday/Tuesday to confirm. Last GH shot was friday morning, would these return to normal or see a big fall by Monday if I stop now?

Cheers brothers
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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