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Test Enth with a few little blue hearts. MP65688
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He, was a she.

He, has ovaries.

He, has a womb.

He, is a whore, who likes penis sooo much, he had one made for sheself.


I think its wrong, imagine how MESSED up the child will be.?

"Hey ... i heard you have a shedad, that right?"

"Yea i have a, mmm shedad?"

"your dad a mofo...f'n biatchhh"




"YESSS MUA?AAH" i like to make it dramatic.

Mr Universe
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This is utter boll0cks... if they were female then decided to become male but keep their female bits too and then claim they are men having babies... bullsh!t with freaking bells on... either be a man or be a woman but dont do publicity stunts... thats when they become freaks... morons...

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that one was a spoof site.

there was a woman who became a "bloke" (really ust a woman who had her tits lopped off and took some test) then she stopped taking test and got knocked up.

so was just a hairy ugly cow having a baby. dunno how that made the news, there's millions of them all over the country havin babies.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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