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Remember Remember The 5th Of November

Gunpowder,Treason And Plot,

I Know Of No Reason,Why Gunpowder Treason

Should Ever Be Forgot!

this is probably my favourite night of the year.i've started my collection already, 2 weeks to go tomorrow! it'll be my nieces first proper firework night she'll remember so i wanna make it special.

so whats everyone doing for firework night?

i know some love it some hate it (especially those with pets)

thats all so far, need to buy my big finale!

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"So what is everyone doing for firework night"

making sure my thatched roof doesn't go up in flames like it did in 2000..

Loathe it I am sorry to say, it freaks the animals out on the farm here, horses running amok, sheep legging it, and cattle breaking down fences...its a riot for those of us who live in the sticks...Prefer to go to an organised event...Thruxton Circuit has a good one and we can watch it from the top of the hill here, far enough away to spare the animals any heartache but we get the little B%$tards from the town chucking the things around the fields and into the stable yard...which seeing as it is all thatched roofs makes it an anxious time for us.

All that aside I hope you have a good time...really I do


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I usually get my fireworks from a trade wholesaler, display stuff mainly.. makes domestic stuff look like a box of matches and a bunch of sparklers...

Not going to bother this year, which will probably upset the neighbours cos they will have to get their own...

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If anyone of you can make it down to Lewes on the coast you will be in for a real authentic Guy Fawkes experiences... There is about 4 to 6 bonfire societys that take part. They all parade down the main street dressed up in old 17th century clothes and throwing crackers in the street and carrying various pieces of burining wood and crosses.

They then go to the own field and let of a full blown fireworks display. It's the only firewords nights I have left where I dont want to see anymore fireworks!!

Give you an idea of the event
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