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Hi guys,

Have i had some, all be it what I am quickly learning to be miss guided/limited experience in body building and strength training.

Have had a good trawl through this website and have learnt more in the last week than the previous 26 years with regards to weight training.

At present would appreciate greatly some tailored insight and advice on how I can improve my regime, ideally gaining mass whilst retaining a certain level aerobic ability(from what I read Its one or the other)

I am 26, 6ft and weight 163lbs/74 Kg with approx bodyfat 11-13%. Currently a typical training week will consist of:


4 x 8-12 Bench Press

3 x 8-10 Incline Fly

3 x 8-10 Cable Crossover

3 x 8-10 Rope pull downs

3 x Failure Dips


20Min HITT


4 x 8-12 Shoulder Press

3 x 10-12 Lateral Raise

3 x 10-12 Shoulder Shrugs

4 x 8-10 Hack Squats

3 x Failure Calve Raises


20 Min HITT


4 x Failure Pull Up

3 x Failure Chin Up

3 x 10 Single Arm Row

3x 10 Bicep Curls

3x 8 Good Mornings


20 Mins Sparring

ABs (Hanging leg raise, Planks etc)



On top of this I cycle up to 80miles a week to and from work.

In terms of diet and supplemention a typical day would look like:

6:45am Whey Protein Shake, 500ml Water, 500mg Glutamine

7.15am 50-75g Porridge with Skimmed Milk, 2 Whole Eggs 0.5 can Baked Beans, 1 slice of wholemeal Bread

10:30 Multi Seed Bagel, 50g Chicken, Quark, Watercress.

12:45 Pre Workout NO2 Drink

13:30 Workout

14:15 All in One Shake topped up with Dextrose

15:15 Wholewheat Pasta 75-125g, Chicken 50g, Olive Oil, Mulitvit

18:45 Spag Bol/Chilli/Chicken Rice + Veg

22:00 Protein Shake(made with Skimmed Milk), Peanut Butter, Flaxseed Oil, 500mg Glutamine, 25mg Zinc

In terms of other relevant information. I am an awful Sleeper, I struggle to get more than 6 hrs a night. I am aware of how important sleep is in terms of hormone control and repair so any suggestion in improving this would be kindly received.

Also think I have some gyno. I have a well defined physique with the exception of my chest. There is plenty of muscle in that area but also quite alot of fatty tissue. Is there anything I can do regards diet,supplementation,pills to improve this?

Once again thanks in advance for any insightful feedback/thoughts on all of the above?

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Why on Hack squats and Calf raises for legs?! No where near enough!!! I'm guessing your legs are big aleady due to the cycling to/from work?

If not, put the shoulder press in the chest day monday (or incline db press) and the lat raises and shrugs in the back day friday then do a proper fcuking leg workout!! :D

Squat, leg press, ham curls, leg extension, calves! :thumbup1:

On the back day, take the chinups and single arm rows out and replace with deadlifts and bent over rows, bigger lifts that will activate and work much more of your back as a whole.

I always try for 3 sets of 12 reps, minute rest in between (helps keep heart rate up and burn cals).

Diet is pretty good, looks more like a bulking diet as a few carbs in there.

Milk with morning shake, you could take the pasta out the 15.15 meal and have a salad maybe, same with 18.45 meal really, if you aint gonna be doing anything energetic then any carbs after your workout will only be stored as fat if unused. I know you said your about 11% bf, guess thats due to all the cycling and cardio, but think how good those abs will look at 8%!!! :cool2:

Don't know about gyno mate.

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Cheers dude, appreciate the insight!

Legs take a bit of a battering from cycling/treadmill work and tend to get neglected when it comes to weights and to be honest it does show. Always a bit paranoid when it comes to squats/deadlifts with free weights as not 100% sure of correct technique and don't wanna Fcuk it up.

Have been trying front load the carbs at the beginning of the day, pre work out but your right could prehaps drop them from atleast 1 of my post work out meals.

Once again many thanks!

.....train hard or fcuk off!!!
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No probs!

If your worried about squats/deads just start LIGHT, practice getting the feel for a few weeks, increase the weight SLOWLY. Try get them in the week though, they are the daddys of mass!!!! :)
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