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Hi first time posting and just a quick one
I’m currently running 300mg test per week and 400mg tren a week this is coming to the end of week 3, now my question is normally my blood pressure falls around 120ish over 70 and stayed in that sort of range during first 2 weeks of cycle I did my blood pressure today and it was regularly 140/77, had some fun with the misses and it shot to 160/80 had a little nap and just woke up and it’s back around 140ish over 80 iv ran cycles in the past and my blood pressure never really rose but iv not touched juice in 3 years so this time it’s worrying me a little also I have thrown in a low dose of dbol starting today so maybe that is what spiked my bp all of a sudden but I’m not sure if it could do that so fast. Any advice help with how to keep it down or if anyone else gets similar while using these compounds? I regularly take my fish oils potassium and magnesium also and I did my blood work twice before cycle to check all my values were good wich they was minus my testosterone being at 9.8 (normal scale being 09-130 my doctor says), I’m guessing it’s just accute hypertension rather than being actual hyper tension and I do want to finish my tren cycle then after that il go into trt dose of just test, if my bp stays like this Il make a visit to the doctor but until then does anybody else experience the same? Sorry for such a long post even tho I said just a quick one -.-
Compounds I’m running
Test enth 300
Tren enth 400
dbol 30
arimidex on hand
Cabaser on hand (not used)
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