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i currently do a workout i found on on workout of the week.

its 4x6 reps on mon and tue for strength and 3x12 on thursday and friday for size.


weighted pull ups

weighted chest dips

lying leg curls

barbell squats

barbell shrugs


standing barbell curls

barbell calf raises

reverse smith machine raises

barbell military press

lat raise

rear delt row

close grip bench press


bent over rows

incline bench





preacher curls

barbell calf raises

seated calf raises

front delt raise

lat raise

rear delt row

barbell tricep ext.

too much? not enough? im not convinced on the 4x6 barbell curls, seems a bit intense for triceps.

also, ive been subbing chest dips for bench press, as i have been going with a friend. i have found that this makes my chest ache for a few days. also doing barbell tri extension makes my triceps ache for days and days, is this supposed to happen?!

i have been putting on size, im at 12stone 8lbs now, but i am seeing very little/no difference to my arms.

any suggestions welcome, thanks !

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I would say

weighted pull ups

weighted dips


ham curls



leg press


BB clean & press

leg extension

Bent over row

close grip bench press

Take a day or two between exercises to rest up,

I've used something similar in the past.

You won't grow without enough food and rest :)

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Rrather than give you another routine to confuse you further I'll just say that I prefer frowningbuddas type of routine to the one you found on :)

I would however take one aspect of the first routine, and that's to do one cycle through with lowish reps and more sets (4x6 or 5x5) and then next time though fewer sets but higher reps 3x10-15).

That kind of periodisation tends to work very well for me.

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thanks for the response guys. really no isolation exercises for bi and tris budda?

dtlv74, i agree with the rep cycle completely, i have felt benefits from it in my chest and shoulders. how would i apply this cycle to buddas routine though?

also budda, i have been eating and resting pretty well, and the scales have been going up pretty well. i was 11 stone 7lbs a few months ago so have put on a good stone, but havent seen much of this on my arms? maybe im expecting too much from a gain of 13lbs, with some of it as fat.

will get some pics up at some point for constructive critisism.


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I would try:


Squats 4 sets 12 10 8 6

leg extension 3x10

Romanian Deadlifts 3x8

Leg curls 3x10

Standing calf raises 3x15

ab crunches 3x20


T Bar rows 3x10

chins 30 reps total

Roman chair 3x10

Bench press 10 8 6

Incline DB press 2x10

DB flyes 2x10


Millitary press 10 8 6

Wide grip upright rows 3x10

DB side lateral raise 3x10

Close grip bench 10 8 8

Skullcrushers 3x10

Barbell curls 3x8

Preacher curls 3x8
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