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Few years back I was doing some work in a property where a lad a few years older than myself lived. He was terminally ill, just waiting to die. Think he’d got weeks left.
He told me; He loved the football and was in the ‘group’ that would go watch county and country games, drinking, bit of sniff, drinking til they stumbled home. All fun.
After 8yrs, it was no longer fun as he couldn’t get off the drink, he’d work away shopfitting but always have a few bottles of spirits at the side of the drivers seat to see him through the working day, he hated it but he couldn’t get off the drink. 25yrs he tried to get off the drink including many rehab attempts but no joy. 25yrs of trying to get off for 8yrs of ‘fun’, doesn’t sound worth it to me.
Usually I wouldn’t entertain their bollocks but he was honest, didn’t want sympathy nor help, we just got chatting cos I knew some of the lads that he had knocked about with.
On the flip side, I also did some work for a bloke I knew as one of the alcoholics in the area, he’d been pissed over 30yr that I knew of and when I went to do some work for him, he’d had a Stroke and somehow just stopped drinking he proudly told me to check his house for any empties or drinks. I was mindblown. He was the sort you’d see outside the shops or Whetherspoons at 8am waiting to buy some and then he’d still be at it when I was working the doors nearby that night.

I ain’t sure Jackie boy has it in him to stop though, sone people have strength and sone don’t.
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