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Hi guys/gals,

Been around these forums for a few years now, but never bother signing up untill begining of this year. Some background info about me, I started training at around 17 but as usual was arrogant and didnt bother reading up or listening to people, my diet was **** and my cardio was even worse.

After a while i found this site and started reading up about nutrition and training. After a couple of months I saw alot of changes and the gains were ALOT better. Kept going and going untill i had an abcess on my tailbone,

endded up having four damn surgeries and the training and diet went down the drain. The weight piled on and at one stage it went upto 105KG!!!!!

At the begining of this year I started training again. I managed to get my weight down from 105KG to around 77KG. This was from January till June. I stopped training again as I felt like I needed a break and too much was going on in my life.

Things are stable now and I will be starting to train again as of tomorrow.

Age: 21

Height: 5'8

Weight: 77KG

Aim: 14% BF

Cycle History


Test-E - 800mg EW

Deca - 400mg EW

T3 - 150mcg ED



My diet will be high protein low fat and low carbs



I will be running the following cycle:

Week 1-14 - Norma Deca - 600mg EW

Week 1-16 - Cidoteston (Test Cyp) - 750mg EW

Week 1-16 - Masteron (UGL) - 400mg EW

Week 1-4 - Tbol -60mg - 80mg ED

Week 4-16 - T3 - 100mcg - 150mcg ED

Week 1-24 - HGH - 5iu ED

Week 1-16 - Adex 0.5mg - 1mg EOD

PCT - will be following the docs protocol HCG, Nolva and Clomid. (The sticky thread by hacksii)

I have not decided my cycle length as of yet, but possibly around 14 weeks. Also considering running Tren-A for the last 6 weeks :) Should be fun will see how the progress is.

Alot of people will criticise me for running deca as a cutting agent, but deca is an excellent cutting agent in my eyes as when I ran it before, I had no side effects and no bloat either. It will retain muscle while i'll be on a calorie defecit diet.

Also the T3 and the HGH will help with the fat loss.

Cycle will be started mid september



Day 1 - Back + Bicep

Day 2 - Shoulders + Trap

Day 3 - off

Day 4 - Chest + Tricep

Day 5 - Legs

Day 6 - Bicep + Tricep + Trap

Day 7 - off

Cardio will be done 4 times a week. Each cardio session will be running 9KM (This is what im used to and what I have done before, just need to get back into the routine off it)



I have some pictures from january when I started training. I will also upload fresh pictures at the end of first week as well as the pictures from january so you can see the difference.

Progress pictures will be uploaded once a month.

Looking forward to tomorrow!!! First day. Since 6PM today I have cut out all the carbs, no more food or carbs till after my AM cardio :)

Let the fun begin!!!

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diesel09 said:
good luck mate,
Thanks mate

1Tonne said:
Good luck mate, will follow this. :D
cheers fella, cant wait to start!!!!

LittleChris said:
Why such a high dose of T3?
I dont think 100mcg-150mcg is a high dose at all mate. I have ran it at this dose before and did not loose much muscle at all. The fat loss was ****ing amazing though.

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Disgusted at myself :( Started the cycle today, woke up this morning and thought **** it. Although I dont have the masteron yet, started on T3, Eph, HGH, Tbol, Deca and Test. Will chuck in the mast when i get a chance to buy some in a week or two. Abit scarce on cash atm, went abit crazy stocking up on the HGH.

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Not too bad today, felt like i chuffed down on too many carbs but here's my day:

08:30 - 30mg Ephedrine

09:30 - 20mg Tbol + 50mcg T3 + 2iu HGH

09:40 - 10:40 - Cardio - Time: 57:14 - Distance: 9.36KM - Calories: 881

10:50 - 3 boiled eggs and half a tomatoe, 1 Bannana, 30g of protein with 300ml of milk

13:00 - 20mg Tbol

13:30 - 120g steamed chicken breast with steamed vegitables (potatoes, peas, carrot), gravy and a very small portion of rice

15:20 - 3iu HGH

16:00 - 30g protein shake with 30g mixed nuts

18:00 - Tuna sandwitch + bannana + 20mg Tbol

18:30 - 30g of mixed dried fruit

19:30 - Jab time!! - 6ml Deca - 4ml Test

20:00 - Training Back + Bicep

22:00 - 130g chicken and 130g grapes

23:00 - 0.5mg Adex

Will see how tomorrow goes, should be much less carbs hopefully and more protein.
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