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It鈥檒l provide a little synergy when coupled with a calorie deficit but it鈥檚 not going to strip body fat off an out of shape pile of lard who can鈥檛 control their diet. And often it鈥檚 people from the latter camp who ask this question, thinking they can add in Var/Winny and it鈥檒l 鈥榙ry them out鈥 when they鈥檝e got a 2 inch thick layer of fat covering every muscle. Not saying it鈥檚 the case here but it is more often than not when this topic is brought up.

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Oxandrolone enhances hepatic ketogenesis in adult men.

Vega GL, Clarenbach JJ, Dunn F, Grundy SM.

Center for Human Nutrition, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, 5323 Harry Hines Boulevard, Dallas, TX 75390, USA. [email protected]

BACKGROUND: Immediate administration of oxandrolone markedly increases hepatic lipase activity and reduces levels of plasma high-density lipoprotein. RATIONALE FOR THE STUDY: We postulated that oxandrolone should increase hepatic lipase and that the nonesterified fatty acids generated would enhance hepatic ketogenesis during an extended fat tolerance test. MAIN RESULTS: Eighteen men participated in the study using short-term administration of oxandrolone (10 mg/d) over a week. Subjects had evaluation of hepatic ketogenesis at baseline and after 7 days of administration of oxandrolone. Ketogenesis was assessed by measuring plasma levels of 3-hydroxybutyrate during a fat tolerance test. Oxandrolone increased fasting levels of 3-hydroxybutyrate by 70%, and increased the area under the curve during an FFT by 53% above pretreatment levels without affecting the areas under the curve for nonesterified fatty acids, glycerol, or triglycerides. Fasting 3-hydroxybutyrate levels correlated with nonesterified fatty acids and with triglycerides; however, there were no significant correlations with any other parameter. CONCLUSIONS: This study shows that short-term administration of oxandrolone results in marked increases in hepatic ketogenesis. This finding is consistent with an increased influx of fatty acids into the liver secondary to lipoprotein lipolysis by increased hepatic lipase. However, the possibility cannot be ruled out that oxandrolone acts directly in the liver to stimulate fatty acid oxidation. Therefore, the observation of increased ketogenesis will require further studies to determine the molecular basis of the response.

Oxandrolone enhances hepatic ketogenesis in adult ... [J Investig Med. 2008] -

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it definetly doesn't. Theres a difference between getting drier and actually loosing fat to a mechanism of the steroid. Like the below is saying, the var particles interacts specifically with abdominal fat.... it knows exactly were that fat is and targets it :)

asked question: recieved an answer. the 'var' helps you loose fat is as funny as you can spot reduce fat using exercises. old shit gym knowledge, let me guess your first cycle was 'sus and deca' :)

My max DL went up 'every session' by approx 10kg on my last run of var from a modern UGL to the point I had pulled my heaviest ever. at which point i stopped pushing and had an unrelated injury elsewhere. Still have that var in the house. ;) keep your digs to your own shit sourcing
I'm over the moon for you. All this allegedly great progress powered by top notch labs and yet all you have to show for it is a silly little teddy bear thing in your avatar. You silly cnut.

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Eighteen men, nine of which were not healthy. Also older population.
Not disputing anything here but I think this is relevant to point out as many of these studies I've seen are usually done with older and unhealthier people.

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